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Rules - Must Read

Post by Onyx on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:42 pm

Breaking in rules marked by an * may result in a - Warning, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban, Restrictions on OOC activity, Restriction on IC activity, or any other punishment deemed fit by the administrators and or moderators of this forum. Breaking any other rules or regulations noted below will most likely result in a friendly reminder but if the violation continues this displays an inability to follow rules and may result in one of the above punishments. If you have any questions please pm an administrator or moderator.

In Character

1. *Be respectful OOC, keep IC aggression between wolves IC
2. *Do no powerplay or godmodel
3. Moderate curse words such as damn, dang may be used
6. *Heavy use of offensive language may be used only if labeled in the thread and agreed to by all members involved
7. *Graphic Content and Mature content (mating, birthing, graphic violence) is not allowed IC or OOC
8. Remain active unless you post a Leave of Absence thread, active is posting three times per week
9. Do not post IC until your bio has been accepted
10. Enter pack lands that do not belong to your pack at your own risk
11. Any character deaths must be agreed to unless: you are a trespasser or on rogue territory, border posts are not trespassing
12. There is liquid time, as long as you can remain active you may have as many threads as you want
13. You may choose a litter size if you wish to have pups, but the alpha of the pack reserves the right to allow the pups to live if said alpha did not approve of the litter and mating IC
14. High ranking wolves may make mandatory threads
15. High ranking wolves may punish lower ranking wolves (inflict damage) without consent of rpers - including death (Alpha only)
16. You may not rp nature, prey, or things other than your own wolf - if you want you may pm a mod or admin to rp a NPC
17. You may rp fights and if you are a high ranking wolf punishments however the description cannot be overly graphic.
18. 200 word minimum.
19. Please include some information on who you tagged, mentioned, or addressed in the post.
20. As long as there is a way to tell the difference easily between thought, speech, and text that will abide by the rules.


1. *Abide by all copyright rules of artists, and any pictures you find or are made for you
2. Don’t use images that stretch the forum
3. Don’t use hard to read text
4. Tables, Signatures, and Avatars may be used as long as they are of reasonable size and do not violate content rules
5. You may offer graphics but cannot sell them for on site currency
6. You may have a signtarue, however sometimes this results in odd profile positions - if this happens please remove your signature Sad


1. Wolves may be slightly unrealistic in size, fur, and eye color but don’t be ridiculous (100 ft tall wolf be accepted)
2. Your bio must be accepted and be complete, feel free to add more
3. There is no shortcut to obtaining new characters, they must be earned by activity (10 IC posts per new character)
4. Have all of your wolves on a separate account
5. Wolves may not have unnatural growths (wings, horns)
6. Wolves may be any age or have any disabilities you want - however an alpha may reject your wolf due to these disabilities and you must be able to accurately rp this wolf and explain how it has survived this long
7. If your wolf’s history includes another wolf’s then both parties must agree
8. Wolves up for adoption must meet the requirement and be selected by the person who put the wolf up for adoption
9. For every wolf you must fill out a new and completed bio form
10. If you wish to have a litter then you must pm your alpha the size, gender ratio, runt (if any), disabilities, and other significant information and have it accepted before putting the pups up for adoption or rping
11. The parents of the pup choose how much of a time skip there is between birth and beginning of rping.
12. Wolves may live until the age of 10 IC years.

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