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Asher's Bio

Post by Asher on Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:48 pm


name: Zen
how you found us: Owner
first or second character: Second


name: Asher
rank requested: Alpha
pack: Regenesis

age: 5 years
species: Canadian Timber Wolf
height: 36 in.
weight: 100 Ibs
scent: Pine
eye color: Golden
fur color: Brown with Grey and a white underbelly

appearance: He has a darker saddle with a creamy underbelly, muzzle, and legs. He has scars that are hidden by his fur and one prominent one that stretches across his right eye. He is a large and powerful brute that comes across as being purposeful but not fast.

personality: He simply wishes to escape his past, he wants forgiveness in one sense and acceptance in another although he does not require these. While he is usually laid back and easy going he will take a stand in doing what he believes. One of which is that all wolves deserve respect regardless of rank, background, strength, or pack. He wishes for the happiness of those around them and is in general a benevolent alpha who is as much of a brother as a leader.
He hides his own personal doubt about himself and other emotions behind the mask of an even-tempered, fair, and friendly alpha. He is not power hungry and leads more out of necessity than out of will to be the alpha. While he is unwilling to hand down the pack to a wolf who would turn it into another Night Pack he also simply wishes to retire and simply offer advice or even become an average ranked wolf.
To all of his pack he is extremely loyal and wouldn't hesitate to lay down his life for any one of them with no questions asked. He is able to deal with wolves who have horrid pasts and accept them, while he is gentle he is also firm and a better leader than he gives himself credit for.

history: He was born to one of the two previous packs of the Final Forest and lived a comfortable life. He was young and unhappy with his position within the pack. He had multiple siblings, his parents were the alpha pair and had bred many young. When Onyx came he joined her in a testosterone filled desire to do something about himself, and in his actions fought and killed many including some of his brothers and sisters.
After witnessing his new alpha basically torture until death the alphas of the packs he decided that he had had enough. He no longer wanted to be part of the bloodshed and came out of it a much wiser wolf. While he realised that Onyx wouldn't be defeated at that time, and that engaging with her only meant more bloodshed his three companions disagreed and attacked her. She had been expecting this however and was ready, she killed the three of them and he fled while he still could a gash on his shoulder and one leg almost broken.
The deaths of his companions and his own cowardice at leaving them hung over him. He vowed to himself to raise a new pack here, in remembrance of what he hoped those wolves would have stood for. He was willing to accept anyone, and he was willing to go against Onyx to do so.

example post:
The brute lowered himself into a crouch eying his prey from a distance. A doe had just given birth to a fawn and was now tied to her young for only a short while. Anything though could mean this hunt was a failure. Steadying his breathing his tail low the male crept forward keeping his eyes on the mother. She would be problematic as well as the buck - although if it came to a stampede he was fairly confident in his chances. Continuing his slow movement towards the prey he carefully placed his paws in front of him. Pausing he heard a bird call out and winced as the mother looked attentively towards the noise. She knew that there was something there but the doe was unable to pinpoint exactly where it was. He couldn't afford to waste much more precious time, but he did forcing his steps to remain cautious.
He wondered briefly what the mother deer would think but stopped himself, deer were stupid animals. While both deer and wolves lived in groups in a pack one could think individually - deer were foolish. He wondered if they actually cared for their young or only did so out of instinct. Pushing such thoughts away his large creamy paws moved forward purposefully.
He bunched his hidquarters and sprung.

have you read the rules and agreed to follow them: yes


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