Cold and Dark path ahead (open to night pack)

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Cold and Dark path ahead (open to night pack)

Post by Onyx on Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:13 am

The female paced, claws clicking and clacking on the stone floor subjected to her indecision. She had already explored the caves, and yet she wished to again - there was a certain mystery there and a yearning to explore the unknown. Snarling she trot in, careful paws not allowing her to fall. She was the mistress of her own domain and she would bow to no one. A grin was brought to her maw at the thought. That's right the female thought No one her eyes glowed faintly in the darkness. They barely took any time to adjust, she was used to the night. Everything was hers, all she needed now was a pack. She needed a pack - one to rise again. She didn't care for size, or numbers, or even strengths of the wolves - all she needed was ruthlessness. If a wolf proved physically or mentally useless they were disposable, but if they had a craving, a lust, a desire for something then they were useful to her and could be trained into strength and will of body and mind.

Her grin only widened, revealing bloodied teeth, at the thought of such an army. A band, a cadre, of such wolves. She had had it once, but she refused to dwell on the past. Facing forward into the darkness she contemplated her revenge - how she would end the traitor, how she would slaughter the weaklings, and how great it would feel to win a land soaked in the blood, battle, and defeat of her....she paused here, they're cowards, they're not enemies she gave thought. No, but they are irritation. Like bugs to be crushed. The thought pleased her as she continued down the passage, ears alert for any changes that could mean death. She was letting him run, letting him hide so that the defeat would be so much sweeter. After that she wouldn't hold back.

She continued on the right side, so as not to get lost. She thought about going into another land, seeing where the tunnels led. No. They would come to her to be their leader and alpha. She grinned at the thought of that, pleased with herself. And then walked on, tunnels still dark.

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