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Pack Ranks

Post by Onyx on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:43 pm

Alpha - 1 wolf
The alpha is the lead wolf of the pack both IC and OOC, they may make mandatory threads, declare war, punish wolves, accept them at the border, assign mentors to apprentices, test apprentices, and appoint higher ranking wolves. The alpha is the highest rank a wolf can achieve and they are highly respected within the pack. Any rank challenges to the alpha must be discussed OOC and accepted by a neutral administrator. The Alpha alone may order the death of a pack member (for good reason).

Alpha’s Mate - 1 wolf
The alpha’s mate has all of the same privileges as the alpha but is second to them in dominance. This rank is achieved through either a political bonding or love match and may not be challenged. Should the Alpha pass away the Alpha’s mate will not ascend to that position unless the Beta does not want the title of alpha it depends upon the specific situation. The alpha pair are the only pack wolves who have a right to mate IC.

Beta - 1 wolf
This rank is appointed by the Alpha or the Alpha’s Mate, they are the second in command. These wolves will keep discipline, be acting alpha if the alpha and alpha’s mate are absent and ascend to the alpha position should the alpha pass. These wolves may make mandatory threads, punish wolves, and accept them at the border, assign mentors to apprentices, and test apprentices. These wolves earn their rank. These wolves may be challenged for their rank at any time but should the challenger be victorious an Alpha must accept them. The beta may only order or carry out the death of a pack member if permission is given by the Alpha (may not be approved by the Alpha’s mate)

Delta - 2 wolves
This rank is appointed by the Alpha or the Alpha’s Mate and are in charge of managing things such as hunts, border patrols, herb gathering, or attacks in wartime. They are a step below the Beta and refer to the Beta and Alphas. These wolves may accept wolves at the border, assign mentors to apprentices, and test apprentices. Deltas may carry out punishments, but only at the instruction of the Beta or Alpha. These wolves may be challenged for their rank at any time, but should the challenger be victorious then they must be recognized by an Alpha.

Hunter - Unlimited
This rank’s main responsibility is to hunt and provide food for the pack. While other wolves may hunt it is mainly hunters who participate in organized hunts.

Warrior - Unlimited
This rank indicates that this wolf is a fighter for the pack should the situation arise. While packs may not always be in wartime they do have warriors, and warriors are also responsible for dealing with rogues and trespassers. While other wolves may participate in wars it is warriors that dedicate their time to honing their battle skills. These are the wolves most likely to be on border patrol.

Guardian - Unlimited
This rank is in charge of watching over the pups and higher ranks of the pack. While all packs are invested in the future of their young caring, teaching, and watching over them in the absence of parents or simply to aid them is the Guardian’s job. Between litters or if there are no pups these wolves will guard the alphas and assist the warriors of the pack.

Scout - Unlimited
This rank is tasked with meeting wolves from other packs, exploring the territory, and at times patrolling the borders. If the alphas do not wish to meet but want information or a spy they will send a scout or multiple to the other pack which puts these wolves in a fair amount of danger for the latter. Other than this though a scout may alert hunters of the location of prey or warriors if a rogue has been passing through the territory and such.

Healer - Unlimited
This rank as the name suggests heals any wounded members, helps ill wolves, and assists female wolves in labor should they need it. These wolves are also well versed in the art of poison, and in Night they are allowed to use their gifts on weak pups or members the alpha no longer has a use of unless the Alpha or Beta wishes to do this themselves(Review Rules for killing characters).

Apprentice - Unlimited
This rank is for pups who have aged over three months. They are still cared for by the pack but begin their training on whatever rank they will pursue. An Alpha, Beta, or Delta may assign a mentor to the pup when the time comes. These wolves must prove that they are ready to be ranked, and do not automatically age into it. The test will be dependent upon their chosen rank, although their training should cover material from all of them, and an Alpha, Beta, or Delta may determine whether the Apprentice is ready.

Pups - Adopted only for now
The pups are not yet ranked and the young of the pack. These are wolves who have not yet aged three months. They are cared for by the pack and are not supposed to be outside of pack territory (but there are always the adventurous ones). In order to rp a pup you must be approved by the parents (for now we might allow wandering pups to be found later) and be able to accurately rp the age of a pup.

These are the lowest rank in the pack but important to keeping up pack morale. They initiate play but are also the last to eat and the object of the pack’s aggression. If you are an omega then there is a chance to move up if an Alpha or Beta sees fit. These wolves may not engage in a fight for a higher rank. These wolves will sometimes assist the Guardians in watching over the pups. These are wolves who have either suffered a rank demotion (IC or OOC).

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