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Pack Description

Post by Onyx on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:44 pm

Night Pack
This pack was the first in the Final Forest. A rogue came here, and decided that the area suited her. There were two other packs, but both small and peaceful. She found wolves among them that would lead a revolt against the alphas to win the territory. Brutally they attacked and won, killing them all. After awhile though the original four wolves were deemed unworthy and she slaughtered them all, all except one. The new pack that she will form will be rigid in its hierarchy with wolves constantly fighting for higher ranks. The only rule is her word and she is a crazy femme who doesn’t much care for anything except power. If you come to this pack beware, the weak are rooted out. While she presides over her pack with an iron jaw she is unpredictable.

Regenisis Pack
A male with a troubled past wandered here upon the lands of the Night Pack, however when he realized how violent it was he began to question his alpha. The three other pack members no longer wished for the life of moving to other packs and ruthlessly attacking them. However when the began proposing to stop chasing down survivors of the two packs the alpha turned on her own, he was the only one to escape. Unwilling to leave the male claimed territory and began setting up his borders. The alpha of Regenisis constantly waits for the Night Pack to attack, but wishes to set up a sanctuary. If you are willing to respect one another then you are welcome into his pack no matter your past. He is a kind alpha who wishes mostly for the happiness, prosperity, and peace of his pack. Should he find a worthy successor he would pass the pack onto them.

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